This never gets old: checking our mailbox and finding a battered manila envelope with a contributor's copy snug safely inside.

Yesterday, I received the summer issue of Big Pulp and had to snap a quick photo. Don't ask me why. I just get a little excited when my stories are in PRINT. Will this change with the eBook revolution, do you think? Will the novelty of our work being printed in actual ink on actual paper wear off?

I don't think so. If anything, it will become even more special in a society where everything we read is digitized. Who knows, maybe printed materials will eventually be outlawed, and governments will decide which books are available for download. Mwahaha!

I've recently been looking for a publisher for The Rapscallion's Revenge, and it's interesting to note how many small presses are focusing their publishing efforts entirely on eBooks instead of the ol' paper & glue variety. Sign of the times? Perhaps.

Anyhow, here's the description I submitted to Lillibridge Press:

The Rapscallion's Revenge is a quirky medieval romance with speculative elements and plenty of humor to delight readers both young and old. Albert the loyal farmhand and Gwyneth the farmer's daughter must hide their budding romance, for her father will not allow it. He decides it is in his daughter's best interests to have Albert killed, and he promises Gwyneth's hand in marriage to Sheriff Brutus Dyre instead, a hideous sorcerer with abominable creatures as henchmen.

What no one knows—not even Gwyneth—is that a masked hero resides just beneath the surface of her milky-skin, and this strange alter-ego will have to save the day if Albert and Gwyneth are to be reunited, and if Dyre and his cronies are to pay for their wicked misdeeds.

Any thoughts? I never enjoy synopsizing.
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