Coyote Cal Returns

A shot skidded over his head, sending down a shower of dust. Obviously, the shooter knew right where Cal was hiding.

"Are you the Black Ace?" he called out, loading his Colt's empty chambers with fresh cartridges from his belt.

"What do you think, Gringo? Maybe I am the Easter Bunny?" a woman's voice replied.

"No." He flipped the cylinder back into his revolver, cocking the hammer as he frowned at the situation. "But I did think you were a man."

A moment of silence.

"What makes you think otherwise, Gringo?"

Cal chuckled. "The way you just paused before answering me, for starters."

"Gender makes no difference. I am the Black Ace!"

Another shot, followed by another shower of granite bits raining onto our hero.

"You're a woman, all right," Cal said.

"The Black Ace" was my Write1Sub1 from this past June, and it's included in the latest issue of eFiction Horror. Cal and Yap have gone up against a shape-shifter, a witch, a zombie, a chupacabra, and a maniacal hypnotist in the past, but this time around, they're toe-to-toe against something altogether different.
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