League of Suburban Heroes

There comes a point in every superhero’s life when he realizes he can’t keep going it alone. Batman needed Robin. Superman needed Lois Lane. Well, not in the same way, but you get the idea.

My first published short story was called "Hero for Hire," and it greeted the world in January of 2010. It's weird how in some ways, that seems like a long time ago; but it also feels like only yesterday. (I must be getting old...) I still remember that weak-in-the-knees feeling when I received my first acceptance letter from A Fly in Amber, knowing that something I wrote was actually going to be published.

Fast-forward to this week: the sequel to "Hero for Hire," "League of Suburban Heroes," is now up at Fiction and Verse. This story was my Write1Sub1 from Week#19 last year, and it's taken well over a year to find a good home. Part comedy, part fanboy tribute, it's one of those difficult-to-pigeonhole tales that most literary and genre zines tend to shy away from. So it was with that familiar weak-kneed giddiness that I welcomed the acceptance letter in my inbox last week. (But then again, I might just be getting old.)
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