My novelette The BackTracker is in its third week at JukePop Serials, and so far it's garnered 25 votes. Not bad -- but considering their top-rated serial has over five thousand, I've got a ways to go!

The first three episodes of The BackTracker are currently live, and there will be five more installments before the end. Each of the chapters is about the size of a flash fiction story at just over a thousand words, so they're easy to read in a sitting. And JukePop offers a free iPhone/iPad app, so you can read and vote wherever you roam.

The concept behind The BackTracker has been with me for a while: a time-traveling detective who, despite his best intentions, manages to send the world spiraling into chaos by creating divergent timelines. I wrote the first novel when I was in high school, and it was crap. Then about four years ago, I wrote a better novel, but at over 150K, it's left me leery of tackling revisions. (I'm afraid it just might swallow me whole.) I queried a couple dozen agents back in 2010 and received partial and full manuscript requests, but no takers. It needs a major overhaul before I start querying again, that's for sure.

Turning a few of the chapters into a stand-alone novelette felt right, somehow. Instead of sitting neglected on my hard drive, Harry Muldoon now gets to greet the world on a small scale. And who knows? Maybe someday, he'll hit the big time.
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