Blurb Almighty

"Le me splain. No. There is too much. Le me sum up." - Inigo Montoya (The Princess Bride)

I've never been good at summarizing. When I was a kid, book reports always struck fear in my young heart: How could I possibly pack everything I'd read into a few paragraphs? Now as an adult, I've chosen to be a writer (with homework every night for the rest of my life), and seeing my work through to publication usually involves writing a dreaded synopsis.

After surviving three rounds of revisions with Immaterial Evidence, I knew better than to think my work was done. I still had to come up with a tagline and 200 words for the novella's description. And, of course, I found myself squirming in trepidation.

Here are a few of my cringe-worthy first attempts at a tagline:

Seeing isn't always believing

What you can't see will hurt you

One detective, an invisible criminal, the fate of the world

How can a detective solve what he can't see?

And here's the one I finally went with:

A detective with a price on his head...An invisible criminal with nothing to lose. 

As for the blurb, it actually went a lot easier than expected thanks to my editor's help. Immaterial Evidence is my first novella and the longest story I've had published to date. The official release will be on May 31st, but it's currently available for pre-order from Musa Publishing. You are more than welcome to spread the word.
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