Once upon a time, young Milo hated poetry. Truth be told, he hated writing in all its various forms, and nothing paralyzed him with fear like the word COMPOSITION or filled him with intense loathing as much as POETRY. He didn't understand it, didn't appreciate it, and wanted nothing to do with it.

Fast forward a couple decades, and you'll find the latest issue of Scifaikuest with 20 of my sci-fi and horror-flavored haiku in it. That's right: POETRY, believe it or not. While I probably won't be attempting a sonnet anytime soon, I've embraced the haiku as my favorite poetry form. Yes, because it's the shortest -- and because I enjoy creating a scene in the reader's mind with only 3 lines. I'm also a stickler for the old-fashioned 5-7-5 syllable count, which makes composing these things even more challenging.

Many thanks to Deborah Walker and Simon Kewin for introducing me to this publication a couple years ago, and to the editor, Teri Santitoro, for inviting me to submit 20 of my best haiku for a featured poet spot. I thought she was going to pick and choose from the 20, but she ended up publishing them all, which came as a big surprise when I received my contributor's copy.
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