Captain Quasar Returns

Three years ago, Captain Bartholomew Quasar made his debut appearance in "The 'If Only' Elixir of Opsanus Tau Prime" @ Every Day Fiction.

He blew up.

But that wasn't the end of Captain Quasar. Since then, he's appeared in five other tales: four @ the dearly departed Ray Gun Revival Magazine and another one @ EDF. Yet it's been over a year since Quasar has appeared in a new story.

Last week, thanks to the kind editors @ Every Day Fiction, Captain Quasar returned in "The Pestiferous Pirates of Narvana 6." You can read it here, if you like. The feedback so far has been very encouraging.

Both a novel and novella are currently making the rounds, so there will be plenty more misadventures for the captain and crew of the Effervescent Magnitude in the near future.

Have your short story characters ever demanded their own novels? Do you think short stories with recurring characters can drive novel sales?
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