My Favorite Christmas Story

Ralphie with his Red Ryder BB gun, his dad with that exotic leg-lamp -- I don't care how many times I see A Christmas Story, it always cracks me up. And until now, it's been my favorite Christmas comedy.

But it has to step aside. Because there's a new Christmas story in town. That's right: "The Guessing Game" by Sara Fowler, and you can read it for free at Youth Imagination. This story has it all -- humor and heart -- and it's written by my favorite person on the planet.

She's my Constant Reader. My muse. My cheerleader and often my first editor. She's my wife, the love of my life. And I'm so proud of her for sharing this story with the world.

Truth be told, it's Sara's fault I started submitting my work for publication in the first place. I'd planned on waiting until I retired from teaching, or until after I turned 40 -- whichever came first. But while we were dating, I made the mistake of sharing some of my stories and novels with her, and she told me they deserved to be published.

The rest is... Well, it's been kind of awesome, really. Being able to share a love of the written word with my wife, to run ideas by her, share my finished work with her and ask, "So, what do you think?" Knowing she'll always give me an honest answer. Knowing my work is better because of her input.

I thank God for her every day.

And whatever your belief system may be, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas this week! May God bless us, every one.
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