Dance by the Light of the Moon

When she first caught the blip on her proximity scanner, Eyan thought one of the drillbots had broken loose and was drifting by its tether from Futuro’s underside. Nothing the control team couldn’t handle—a small blot on an otherwise pristine moonscape as it swept upward, reeled into the launch bay. But they notified her on internal comms as soon as they had the situation under control, requesting her presence immediately.

In all her lifetimes as station security chief, she’d never seen anything like it.

So begins my sci-fi story "Dance by the Light of the Moon," published by the fine folks at Perihelion SF. It's about a murder investigation aboard an orbiting lunar drill station, and the impartial investigator is not who he seems. 

This one survived nine rejections before finding a great place to call home. The closest it came to an acceptance prior to Perihelion was with the editor of Waylines who liked the writing, style, and world-building, but said the structure of the story suffered from elements introduced later than they should have been. I was going for a bit of mystery with this one, so that's probably why I played a few plot-points close to the vest.

As a guy, I tend to write about male protagonists most of the time, but with this story, I wanted a strong female lead to carry the tale from start to finish. I hope readers will like Eyan as much as I do.
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