Three Things I Don't Write (and Three I Do)

Thanks to fellow writer Cory Cone, I get to share some things with you about my habits that you may already know and a few things that you might not. Be forewarned:  I'll be tagging three of you at the end of this post to do the same, so stay tuned. (You just scrolled down to the bottom, didn't you?)

First up, three things I don't write:

Erotica (even though that's where the money's at), Paranormal Romance (even though everybody seems to be doing it), and Literary Fiction (because I abhor page-long paragraphs). That's not to say I don't write sex scenes (a couple have shown up in my novel WiPs), but I haven't devoted an entire story line to the topic yet. As far as paranormal romance goes, I don't think my heart would be in it if I tried, and it's been done better by other writers. And while I enjoy reading and writing speculative fiction with a literary slant, I can't stay immersed in a contemporary lit-fic unless there are some speculative elements in it.

Now for what I do write:

Pulp, Parodies, and Open Endings. I thoroughly enjoy reading, watching, and writing classic pulp fiction—space opera, westerns, detective stories and the like. Our credo as writers should always include writing what we like to read. But I also like to poke fun at the genre tropes with my Captain Quasar and Coyote Cal tales, so that's where the parodies come in. I don't take myself too seriously, and I enjoy writing stories that don't either. As for open endings, here's the thing: I don't want authors to spell everything out for me. I like it when a story continues in my mind until it reaches a logical conclusion (or a few alternates) that I can ponder. I've written more than a few stories with open endings, and while not every reader appreciates them, I appreciate those who do.
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