Three Things I Don't Write (and Three I Do)

Thanks to fellow writer Cory Cone, I get to share some things with you about my habits that you may already know and a few things that you might not. Be forewarned:  I'll be tagging three of you at the end of this post to do the same, so stay tuned. (You just scrolled down to the bottom, didn't you?)

First up, three things I don't write:

Erotica (even though that's where the money's at), Paranormal Romance (even though everybody seems to be doing it), and Literary Fiction (because I abhor page-long paragraphs). That's not to say I don't write sex scenes (a couple have shown up in my novel WiPs), but I haven't devoted an entire story line to the topic yet. As far as paranormal romance goes, I don't think my heart would be in it if I tried, and it's been done better by other writers. And while I enjoy reading and writing speculative fiction with a literary slant, I can't stay immersed in a contemporary lit-fic unless there are some speculative elements in it.

Now for what I do write:

Pulp, Parodies, and Open Endings. I thoroughly enjoy reading, watching, and writing classic pulp fiction—space opera, westerns, detective stories and the like. Our credo as writers should always include writing what we like to read. But I also like to poke fun at the genre tropes with my Captain Quasar and Coyote Cal tales, so that's where the parodies come in. I don't take myself too seriously, and I enjoy writing stories that don't either. As for open endings, here's the thing: I don't want authors to spell everything out for me. I like it when a story continues in my mind until it reaches a logical conclusion (or a few alternates) that I can ponder. I've written more than a few stories with open endings, and while not every reader appreciates them, I appreciate those who do.

I'd like to invite fellow writers Deborah Walker, Erin Cole, and Simon Kewin to share three things they don't write and three they do. Inquiring minds want to know…

In other news, my story "Insight" is now available to read for free for the first time since it was published in the 2011 Shelter of Daylight anthology. You can check it out here. Just be sure to budget a few minutes afterward to ponder the ending.

How about you? Anything you don't write?

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