Captain Quasar vs. the Moon Bandits

Guess who's back at Every Day Fiction? That's right, Captain Bartholomew Quasar and his very hairy (and often cantankerous) sidekick, Hank. Here's how their latest misadventure opens:

Bartholomew Quasar cringed as an incinerator beam took the top off the boulder he crouched behind. Cody 52 pulse pistol at the ready, he blinked back perspiration and scowled beneath the desert moon's scorching twin suns.

"I can barely get a shot in edgewise." Quasar aimed and fired a split-second before two blasts showered him with dust. "Not very sportsmanlike."

"Bandits seldom play fair, sir." Hank—the captain's very hairy, four-armed Carpethrian helmsman—stood with a stunner in each hand. His fur clung matted with perspiration to his flabby belly.

Quasar moved quickly, firing two pulse rounds before a barrage of incinerator beams sent him diving for cover. A hoarse cry let him know he'd hit one of his targets.

"Score one for the good guys, Hank ol' buddy."

"Humph," Hank grunted.

With the novel forthcoming, I figure it's a good idea to write a few more Quasar tales, start submitting them to various publications, and continue building his audience. Can't hurt, right?

Guardians of the Galaxy is doing very well at the box office, so it's a great time to be writing fun, humorous space opera. I can't help but hope fans of the genre will give Bartholomew Quasar a chance. Who knows, maybe someday he'll have his own comic book series. TV series? Movie? I can dream big.
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