Starlight in SUPERPOW

As promised in the November Transmission (my newsletter), all subscribers have been entered to win a copy of the SUPERPOW anthology, which includes my story "Starlight." It's about a girl with galaxies in her eyes. Here's how it opens: 

There were stars in her eyes. Not from thoughts grounded in a different space or time; not from a nostalgia she alone could use to summon forgotten yesterdays or better tomorrows; not even from dreams that settled her wandering spirit in the darkest nights. These were not figurative stars. The stars contained in the iris of her left eye were those of a galaxy far beyond the Hubble's range; the stars in her right were even farther. Millions of light years hidden behind eyelids that twitched throughout the night, as her smile played hide and seek with the dark. Unfathomable power trapped in an ordinary vessel.
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