Noveling Update

Time to check the status of my novels currently out on submission and those I'm spending quality time with in the revision trenches:

Westward, Tally Ho! (65,000 words; written way back in 2006; YA Western/Humor) is on the query and small press circuit simultaneously. 115 agents and publishers queried so far, and most say westerns don't sell or they don't publish humor. I've had 4 partial requests and 1 full request, and I ain't givin' up.

After the Sky (125,000 words; 2007; Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy) is out on the query circuit. 88 agents have rejected it so far, but I've had 4 partial requests. After I exhaust my list of agents, I'll be querying it with small presses.

BackTracker (144,000 words; 2008; Future Noir) is also out on the query circuit. 67 agents have rejected it so far, and I've had 4 partial requests + 1 full request. I have a hundred or more agents to query before I hit the small press circuit.

Those Who Wait (99,000 words; 2009; Young Adult Thriller) is currently out on the query circuit. 36 agents have rejected it so far, and I've had 3 partial requests. I need to query a hundred more agents.

Progeny (145,000 words; 2010; Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy; sequel to After the Sky) needs to be revised—one of my projects for next summer.

Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the Space-Time Displacement Conundrum (80,000 words; 2012; Space Opera/Humor) is forthcoming from Every Day Publishing: serialized online followed by an eBook, paperback, and hardcover release. Stay tuned…

Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque (60,000 words; 2013; Horror/Science Fiction) is under consideration by Permuted Press. 3 small presses have passed so far; with Bloodbound Books, it was close.

This year's novel was a screwball detective story. The first draft is finished (64,000 words), and I'll be revising and editing it over the next few months. I'm planning to publish this one myself with a summer 2015 release. Up to now, my only self-published work has been reprints (stories and collections of stories originally published elsewhere), so this will be my first solo flight. Should be fun.
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