Resurrection of the Hornet @ Saturday Night Reader

Captain Max Sinclair’s tiny ship trembled, creaking as it jerked like a spider’s prey caught in a web.

Tugging at its portside: a massive black hole that had yawned open without warning like a ravenous maw. Yanking at its starboard side: the tractor beam of a stout freighter, pulling with all the power of its reverse thrusters—but not due to any humanitarian concerns on the part of the freighter’s captain.

“Hand it over, Max. My buyers are waiting.” 

Captain Max gripped her trembling helm console and glanced at the older woman on the viewscreen. “I found it, Mother. It’s mine.”

What are Captain Max and her dear mother arguing about? You can find out thanks to the fine folks at Saturday Night Reader. This is my first outing with these characters, and I have a feeling it won't be my last. The quirky robot on board the Hornet is reason enough to throw them into another action-packed space adventure at some point in the near future.

I originally wrote this 750-word piece of flash fiction for a humorous science fiction anthology Simon Kewin told me about. Alas, my tale did not make the editor's final cut, but Hornet found a great home at SNR -- my third story with them. Their print issue is now available in bookstores across the land of Canada, and it includes one of my Captain Quasar tales.

Maybe Captain Max and Quasar should go out on a date sometime...with or without the robot?
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