The Power of an Encouraging Rejection

I've been scoring some good rejections lately. Oxymoron? Maybe.

They're encouraging, but they can also lead to frustration levels the likes of which only Taz or Animal can relate to. So close! Yet so far. Because a no is still a no, regardless of how it's worded:

"I was glad to see something new from you--but I'm going to pass on it. It's nicely written and I enjoyed reading it, but overall it didn't quite win me over, I'm afraid. I look forward to seeing your next submission." - Nightmare Magazine

"It's always difficult to reject an enjoyable story. We wish you the best of luck placing it elsewhere. Please send us more of your stories in the future. We like to see your name in our inbox." -

"This kills me, because there wasn't anything about the story I didn't like, the decision is entirely due to our current catalog and marketing." - Curiosity Quills

So on the one hand, I can look at these and think, "Dang. Missed it by this much." And if I allow myself, I can death-spiral into thinking, "Hmm. What if my work is just 10% not good enough and never will be? What if my stories are too unoriginal?" But really, that's just stinkin' thinkin'. 

The truth is, if there's one publisher who likes my work but doesn't think it's a good fit for them, there's bound to be another one out there who likes my stuff enough to snatch it up. The power of these rejections can be used for good or evil, for encouragement or discouragement. And the power's in my own head. So I'm training myself to look on the bright side. Because really, why not?
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