Wastelands 2 is Now Available...for Pre-Order

There have been more than a few highlights from the past five years of writing and submitting my short stories, novellas, novels, and poems, but this one definitely takes the cake. 

I still can't believe one of my tales is sharing a table of contents with the likes of Orson Scott Card, Hugh Howey, Paolo Bacigalupi, David Brin, George R. R. Martin, Cory Doctorow, and Nancy Kress.

It's too good to be true -- to think that one of my stories is going to be in bookstores across the country. That fans of these A-list sci-fi writers might read through the entire anthology, stumble across "Soulless in His Sight," and like what they see.

But it's real. And it will be available NEXT WEEK (2/24) wherever books are sold.

Go ahead. Pre-order your copy. Devour it cover to cover. I'll be staring at mine and trying not to pinch myself. AND MANY OTHERS. Yep, that's me.
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