Another One Bites the Dust

The publishing industry has been in a state of flux for years now. Bookstores are closing. Amazon is ever-expanding, becoming a publishing entity itself. But are people even reading books anymore? 

Yes they are: now more than ever. They read in print and on screens (phones, tablets, phablets, e-readers). And with thousands of writers publishing their work both traditionally and independently every month, the number of books available is staggering. There aren't enough lifetimes to read them all!

Unfortunately, due to the self-published glut, novels sell for 99 cents. Or they're free with Amazon Prime / Kindle Unlimited. Small presses who charge more for their titles can't compete. They eventually fold.

I received word last week that Musa Publishing is going out of business. I've enjoyed working with my Musa editors. They were completely invested in making my two novellas the best they could be.

The bad news: another quality small press is gone. The reviews I received for my Musa titles will also be gone as those titles are removed by Musa's distributors. But here's the good news: the rights to Immaterial Evidence and Yakuza Territory have reverted to me, which means I can republish them independently. I get to compose new cover art, which is something I always enjoy, and I can market them myself -- scheduling spontaneous sales whenever I see fit.

Unfortunately, I won't have the privilege to work with my Musa editor on the next Charlie Madison novella, but I'm looking forward to seeing where Death Duel ends up. I'll keep you posted on that.
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