Announcing the B is for Broken Anthology

My story "Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the Carpethrian Call of the Wild" is included in the latest anthology from Rhonda Parrish, B is for Broken. Following the success of A is for Apocalypse, Parrish continues her line of alphabet anthologies with a whole batch of talented writers I get to call ToC buddies:

Brittany Warman - C.S. MacCath - Sara Cleto - Samantha Kymmell-Harvey - Megan Arkenberg - Gary B. Phillips - Alexandra Seidel - Jonathan C. Parrish - Simon Kewin - Beth Cato - Cory Cone - Cindy James - Alexis A. Hunter - Michael M. Jones - Steve Bornstein - BD Wilson - Michael Kellar - Damien Angelica Walters - Marge Simon - Michael Fosburg - Suzanne van Rooyen - L.S. Johnson - Pete Aldin - Gabrielle Harbowy - Lilah Wild - KV Taylor

Here's how "Call of the Wild" opens:

"It's time," Hank grunted at the helm of the Effervescent Magnitude as the gorgeous star cruiser hurtled through deep space.

"Already?" Captain Bartholomew Quasar's brow wrinkled. He glanced at his favorite Carpethrian helmsman who didn't resemble a man at all. Hank looked more like a drunk orangutan or an overweight sloth suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. "Didn't we make a stop six months ago?"

Hank turned in his swivel chair. "In Earth time, yes sir. But Carpethria's years are much shorter."

"So it's been over a year since your last…" Quasar cleared his throat, leaning back in his deluxe-model captain's chair. "Mating season?"

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