Short and Tweet

So this is pretty cool: a couple weeks ago when my Captain Quasar novel hit bookshelves around the globe (or so I like to imagine), Aaron Rudolph (the editor of Cuento Magazine) contacted me, offering to help promote it in some way. 

Cuento specializes in providing the world with quality tweet-sized fiction and poetry, and I've had the honor of seeing a few of my microfiction pieces and haiku published by Cuento over the years.

I asked Aaron if he'd be interested in publishing a tweet-sized Captain Quasar serial before I had any clue what I would write or how I would pack each "episode" into 140 characters or less. Before I could backpedal to a safe distance, Aaron said he'd like to see what I came up with.

So I set about composing two possibilities: "Captain Quasar vs. the Stun Blast" and "Captain Quasar vs. the Alien Misunderstanding" -- each a tale of 5 tweets to be serialized over 5 days. I hoped Aaron would like one or the other; if not, I hoped he would let me know if I was on the right track.

Aaron ended up accepting them both! Cuento serialized "Stun Blast" a week ago, and "Alien Misunderstanding" will appear in a couple weeks as part of Cuento's fifth anniversary. How awesome is that? And considering how The Space-Time Displacement Conundrum started out as a serialized novel, this opportunity seems like the perfect follow-up. Only a heck of a lot shorter.
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