What the Authors are Saying...

Over the past five years, I've been blessed and honored to find homes for almost two dozen of my Captain Quasar short stories. During that time, many of my fellow wordsmyths have been kind enough to leave comments on tales published by Every Day Fiction and Ray Gun Revival, many of which I've collected right here:

"In one word: Rollicking. Rollicking good fun. Okay, three words." - Stephen V. Ramey, author of Glass Animals 

"It's like Han Solo if he joined Star Fleet." - Mark Noce, author of Between Two Fires 

"You want to slap Quasar over the head but at the same time you can't help but like the guy." - Jeff Chapman, author of Highway 24 

"Captain Quasar's dashing naivety and devil-may-care attitude are so fun." - Tyrean Martinson, author of Champion in the Darkness 

"Recommended for quirky space opera fans that want to laugh out loud." - Christine Rains, author of The 13th Floor

"A fabulous space opera romp. I can't get enough of Captain Quasar." - Deborah Walker, author of As Good as Bad Can Get

"Nice sense of humor." - Alex J. Cavanaugh, author of Dragon of the Stars

"Quasar is such a memorable character." - Jennifer Hillier, author of The Butcher

"Most amusing!" - Simon Kewin, author of The Genehunter

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