Dark Horrors and Unspeakable Evils

My penultimate Mercer short story "Back for Blood" has been accepted to appear in the second volume of the Great Tomes series, a collection that involves "monsters, evil aliens, or otherworldly entities that serve as the antagonists for the story… The monster or entity must be a wholly original concept to the story and not based on an existing 'real world' legend." 

In this Mercer tale, a ravenous monster is on the loose, terrorizing the city. A young nun seeks out Mercer's help to take down the horrible abomination; no one else can escort the creature back to hell. It may take a monster to get rid of a monster, but Mercer has never dealt with anything like this before. He may be in over his head. 

This volume of Great Tomes will be out next month. To find out more, including all the stories and authors sharing its table of contents, check out the publisher's website.
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