Only Two More to Go...

After spending most of my writing time over the past few years drafting, revising, editing, proofing, submitting, and resubmitting short stories, it's kind of crazy to think I have only 2 left in need of good homes. 

118 have been published since 2010, and while I was hoping to find publishers for these stragglers before I turned 40, that was just an arbitrary goal. New arbitrary goal: find publishers for these last two tales this year. Completely doable, right? 

One of the stories was already accepted three years ago, but my contract expired before any potential publication glimpsed the light of day. I withdrew "Idan's World" and amicably parted ways with the editor. Because that's how I roll, folks: amicably. Life's too short to spend any of it ticked off.

The other story "For a Future Peace" was well-received by Asimov's and a few other publications, but not exactly what they're looking for. One editor wanted me to revise the story, and usually that's fine by me. His notes were specific, which I appreciated, but they would have re-routed the entire plot arc. I politely declined.

Two more to go. That's it. One about alternate history pre-Revolutionary War natives and aliens; one about coming of age amidst post-apocalyptic cannibals and pagan beliefs. Good stuff, right? I think so, but I might be biased a smidgen. Though I'm sure you would enjoy reading them.

So I'm not giving up. If I've learned anything over the years, it's that there's always a home for every story. I just have to find the right one.
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