Society of Misfit Stories

Good news: my coming-of-age tale about a girl in a matriarchal, cave-dwelling tribe surviving what remains of a post-apocalyptic world is finally going to see the light of day, thanks to a new imprint from Bards & Sages Publishing: The Society of Misfit Stories.

"Idan's World" is a bit longer than most short stories, and that's what the Society is interested in publishing -- those 10K - 20K tales that many markets shy away from. My publication date is set for September 16, and I'll have more details to share with you as we get closer.

What is "Idan's World" about? Glad you asked. Like a Greek tragedy, there's a whole lot of hubris building up to inexorable defeat; unlike most Greek tragedies, there's some cannibalism involved. The protagonist has ignorantly accepted her society's status quo her entire life without questioning it. But now she must face the reality of her tribe’s ways, and she must make a choice: turn a blind eye to evil, or make a stand against it despite overwhelming odds.

And maybe scream, "Soylent green is people!"
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