Up in Smoke

Private eye Charlie Madison is back in action, working on a new case involving (you guessed it) spontaneous combustion. Because why not?

I've spent the past few weeks revising and editing this standalone tale, clocking in at about 20,000 words (shorter than Immaterial Evidence but longer than Doppelgänger's Curse), and now it's out on the submission circuit.

Like Death Duel, Up in Smoke takes place prior to Madison learning about the "Suprahuman Secret," and he's up against his favorite antagonists again: Detectives Stinkin' and Blinkin'.

Wanda has more of a role in this one, as she will in my next project The Gifted Ones. Most of that story is outlined already (in my head, anyway), so I just have to do the actual writing. The fun part.
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