Noveling Update 2016

It feels good to be in the novel-writing trenches again. After spending the first half of this year releasing four omnibuses and three new novellas, I started work on The Gifted Ones in early July. I managed to draft the first half of the manuscript (about 30K) before returning to work, and now it's all about time management. 1K a day is my goal, and sometimes I even reach it. 

The Gifted Ones is the final installment in the suprahuman case files of Charlie Madison, private investigator. The mystery that began with Girl of Great Price and continued with Immaterial Evidence, Yakuza Territory, and Chimera Effect will finally be solved, and unlike Lost or The X-Files, I'm doing my darnedest to tie up every loose end I've left dangling along the way. 

In other news, my novels After the Sky, Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque, and Double Murders are Twice as Bad are making the rounds among various agencies and publishers. BackTracker is with Baen Books; no word from them yet. And Those Who Wait is under consideration by a couple agencies. 

Tomorrow's Children, sequel to After the Sky, needs to be revised, but I'm in no hurry; the first book in the trilogy has to find a publisher first. I'm beginning to kick around ideas for the third book, but they'll have to remain on the back burner (my notebook) until I finish The Gifted Ones
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