Beware the Dinopocalypse

A month or so ago, Perihelion's Sam Bellotto and Carol Kean were trying to destroy the earth. And they wanted my help.

"Fun, dark humor, gloriously masochistic" is how they phrased it. That's what they were looking for, and they hit up a dozen sci-fi writers to see what we could come up with: our favorite way for the planet to perish. Not that it needs a whole lot of help, right? Considering all the crap going on in the world these days...

But I digress. Sure, our world can be dark and bleak. We don't have to be. We can laugh. Sometimes, that's all we can do.

Check out 10 ways the world could end in the latest issue of Perihelion Science Fiction, including my favorite: Apocalypse by Dinosaur.
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