Baen Books & BackTracker

So it's been about a year and a half since I first submitted my novel BackTracker to Baen Books. At the six-month mark, I received an email from one of their editors telling me that my manuscript had been plucked from the slush pile for further consideration. At the one-year mark, I received an email that there were still 20 manuscripts ahead of mine, and Baen appreciated my patience. A couple weeks ago, at the 18-month mark, I received the following:

"Your novel was strongly recommended by two of us and has made it to the Publisher's desk. Due to the volume of manuscripts ahead of yours, and the press of other business, this process may take some time. We will contact you with our decision as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience."

Ain't that cool? The funny thing is, BackTracker is the same manuscript that caught the attention of my agent, which led him to become my agent back in December. Baen had already been considering my novel for about a year by the time I signed on with the Zack Company -- letting them know about Baen's interest, of course.

Interesting to note: Baen has the original version of BackTracker, and my agent is now perusing the revised manuscript, which includes changes he suggested. What if, by some awesome act of divine intervention, Baen decides they want to publish my novel? What if they have their own ideas about how the manuscript should be revised? If those ideas line up with my agent's, sweet! If not, then I'll have some more work cut out for me, which I've kind of been expecting anyway. As soon as I sent the revised manuscript to Mr. Agent, I came up with another page of ideas, plot points I'd like to change. Of course there will be plenty of time for that later.

Am I anxious to see how this plays out? Heck yeah. If Baen decides they don't want to publish BackTracker, I still have an agent who believes in this novel and is determined to find a home for it. But if Baen does decide they want it, I'll be super stoked. I might even do a 48-hour happy dance. Or try jumping over the moon. And I'll have an agent to iron out all the particulars regarding international rights, audio rights, movie rights, etc.

Win-win? We'll see. For now, I'm going to focus on those phrases "strongly recommended" and "Publisher's desk." They'll keep me smiling until my next six-month Baen update.
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