Unexpected Praise

Now that the audiobook is available, I've been wrangling reviewers to see what they think of it. A few have already posted their thoughts on my western farce of a novel, and since their remarks are so encouraging, I've gotta share: 

“Just call this Jeeves and Wooster in the Wild West. Author Milo James Fowler writes fabulous farce. His narrator, David Bufton, provides precisely the correct (to this American's ear) accent to enhance delightfully the telling of the tale of a spoiled aristocrat and his stalwart butler in search of the butler's lurid past. Trains and horses, heroes and cowardly cravens, Indians and bad men, cattle towns and the arid western desert; all are portrayed from the viewpoint of the young adventurer seeking to follow in his father's well-journaled traveling footsteps. Plenty of western action overlaid with an eye to the absurd. Fun and funny!” 

“OMG, what a seriously hilarious novel! Clarence Oliver Edwards and his butler, Guthrie, go out the southwest of the USA circa late 19th Century. The butler, Guthrie, eventually tells Clarence that he is searching for his daughter, who was in Virginia City the last he knew. Why and how does the teen-aged Clarence steal a horse, becoming the object of a lynch mob and winding up held captive by Zuni Indians? This and other adventures are chronicled with great hilarity! This is definitely a book you won't regret buying!” 

“This is a really wonderful and satisfying story. I have read a couple of other books by the same author but I have to say that this one was the most exciting and thrilling of them all. I loved the three main characters; Clarence; Guthrie; and Kate. They were really well fleshed out and utterly believable personalities, each with their own history, passions and flaws. I loved each one for his or her self. The story which is woven around them is brilliant and full to the edges with British stiff upper lip and a generous dollop of American western swagger and gumption.”

Now Available: 

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