Noveling Update

I'm writing a new Captain Quasar novel. What I'd originally planned to be a series of interrelated stories picking up after the events of The Space-Time Displacement Conundrum has instead morphed into a sprawling episodic adventure currently at 30,000 words and climbing. 

So far, each episode has been about 10,000 words or so, moving the story forward and toward Quasar's return to Earth. He's doing his darnedest to enlist as many humans as he can from the far-flung colonies, telling them what the evil Emperor Zahn did to their home planet and how they can help save it. In the process, Quasar has gathered a "fleet" of six ships and, as is his custom, made plenty of mistakes (and enemies) along the way.

This month, I've committed to writing every day, so I'm planning to have the fourth episode completed by New Year's. If I can keep the momentum going, I should have this project ready for publication by next spring. But for now, my priority is to continue enjoying every step of the process, telling the stories I want to tell and exercising my writing muscles on a daily basis again.
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