Moving Right Along

Believe it or not, After the Sky already has cover art in the works, and it's looking good. I'll share it as soon as I get the green light from my publisher. I was hoping for something that hollered post-apocalyptic adventure, and this does not disappoint. 

In other noveling news, edits on After the Sky's sequel Tomorrow's Children are progressing well, and the writing isn't nearly as bad as I remembered. I haven't looked at this manuscript for a while, so it's been fun reacquainting myself with the characters and enjoying the plot's gnarly twists and turns. Along the way, I'm building bridges to the third book in the trilogy, City of Glass.

The Captain Quasar sequel is slowly but surely heading toward completion. If all goes according to plan, I'll hit the 70K mark this weekend; then it'll be just a 10K lightspeed jump to the grande finale. So...probably another month at my current output level. 

In audiobook news, production has wrapped on The Suprahuman Secret, and Robert Rossmann did an incredible job bringing world-weary future-noir detective Charlie Madison to life. I can't wait to share it with you next month. And speaking of audiobooks, I found out Unreal Encounters won't have 10 narrators after all. It'll have 13 instead. Whoa Nelly!
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