Captain Quasar - The Sequel

The novel I finished drafting back in April is now out the door and in the hands of the editorial staff at Aethon Books. No contract yet (stay tuned); for the time being, it feels good just to have this project completed and all polished up. It had to sit patiently on the sidelines over the summer while I drafted Book 3 in my Spirits of the Earth trilogy, but for the past month or so, it's received my undivided attention—as well as my wife's. She's not only my first reader but my first editor to boot, and her constructive critique always steers me toward a much tighter story overall. God definitely knew what He was doing when He brought us together!

The working title is The Mass-Exodus Reversal, and it's a direct sequel to The Space-Time Conundrum that came out four years ago. (Note to self: don't take four years to write the next Captain Quasar misadventure.) What's it about? Here's the blurb-in-progress:

Captain Quasar is on a mission. Centuries have passed since evil Emperor Zhan attacked Earth and sent humankind packing in a mass exodus. Now the human race is scattered throughout the galaxy, and United World Space Command is no more. Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the crew of the Effervescent Magnitude have one purpose: to reunite the descendants of Earth's diaspora and save their planet from the monstrous machines Zhan left behind to ensure Earth's ultimate demise. Quasar and his intrepid crew will have to brave dangerous aliens, killer robots, vicious space pirates, and a mysterious artificial intelligence in order to build the United Earth Fleet and return home, where all new perils await.
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