Revisioning Update

After seven weeks of time-scrounging during lunch breaks, after work, and weekends, the second draft of Book 3 in my Spirits of the Earth trilogy is DONE. I'm happy with how it turned out, especially the ending. The final line brings everything back to what I had in mind from the start: a supernatural, post-apocalyptic homage to Milton's Paradise Lost. Once I go over the feedback from my first and favorite reader (Mrs. Fowler), I'll give it another couple rounds of edits, then send it off to my publisher. Aethon Books will be giving this trilogy the fast-release treatment next year, so readers won't have long to wait between installments (in paperback, eBook, and audio). It's crazy to think I've been carrying these characters in my head for the past twelve years, and that I'm finally going to be sharing them with the world.

In other news, I signed a contract with Aethon for Book 2 in the Captain Quasar series, which will also be released next year. And I've got a few ideas percolating for a Book 3 that I might start drafting over Christmas break. Stay tuned for details...
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