Q1 Noveling Progress

It's the first quarter of 2020, and I've managed to write almost every day. Often less than a thousand words, but lately it's been close to a couple thousand. When I started my current WiP on December 1, I had high hopes of finishing the first draft by the end of January. That didn't happen. 

Reason #1: I decided to spend a couple weeks revising BackTracker so I could get it out the door before a certain publisher closed submissions. 

Reason #2: I had a novel release to celebrate, which was distracting in a good way.

Reason #3: I was stuck, truth be told, and didn't know where the plot was going. But that's been remedied, and the words are flowing like warm molasses again.

I've reached the 50K mark and plan to scribble another 30K before I start typing it up, revising and editing as I go. Current working title: PHAZE. (How's that for not giving anything away?) My goal this year is to draft four novels, one per quarter. I have notes ready to go for three, each in a different series, so I know what I'll be working on after Phaze. I've never written more than two novels in a year, so we'll see what happens. Succeed or fail, I'll be writing.
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