Q4 Noveling Progress

My fourth novel of 2020 is moving right along. 25K drafted so far, with probably another 75K or so before it's complete. Averaging 1-2K each day, writing whether or not I feel inspired to do so. And every time I show up, the story shows up. (There might be a pithy lesson in there somewhere.) Sure, I end up deleting and revising a few hundred words each week, but I'm making progress, and that's what counts. I'm confident I'll have the sloppy copy finished by the end of this crazy year, and then I plan to focus on editing three novels over the first quarter of 2021.

As soon as I finished writing City of Glass last summer, I wanted to give Sera and Dunn their own book. But I decided to go ahead and finish the Captain Quasar and Madame Antic trilogies before starting a new series. That done, now I can focus on Demigods (working title). The challenge so far has been making it work as a standalone instead of book 4 in Spirits of the Earth. I want it to be able to fly solo and be a satisfying spinoff for fans of the original books. Whether Demigods turns into a trilogy of its own remains to be seen; for now, I'm focusing on putting these characters into one tough spot after another and really testing their mettle. 

Sounds a bit like 2020 in general...
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