Alternate Futures

Recently I was invited to appear on the Alternate Futures podcast, and I had a great time discussing science fiction, writing, and publishing with host Edwin Rydberg. Part of the interview included a Story Cubes challenge; I was given the following random images to turn into a first chapter or short story: bowl, whistle, burglar, pointing & staring. Somehow, they led me to come up with a new character in the sword & sorcery genre, where I've never dabbled before. Here's how it opens:

Long ago, before the days of recorded history, during the Hyperbolean Age of a much younger Earth, AGROTHARN the Interstellar Semi-Barbarian roamed the ancient volcanic lands in search of fame and fortune. Thanks to his magical porridge, which he ate religiously, he had seen the future. One of many alternate futures, to be exact, which seldom came to pass. Much like the flying T-Rexes his forefathers had promised for ages: "Someday, we'll all be flying around on T-Rexes!" they'd claim. "Just you wait!" But no, that never happened. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex never did sprout any wings, nor did anyone invent rocket boots for it. And it devoured anyone dumb enough to try mounting it. Thus, AGROTHARN had to content himself with riding a geriatric and often depressed Triceratops named Fred.

Listen to the interview and hear the rest of the story @ Alternate Futures.
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