Book 3 is (Almost) Done

My goal was to wrap up edits on the final book in my
Interdimensionals trilogy by June 1, and I met that arbitrary, self-imposed deadline with time to spare. The only problem? I'm not thrilled with the ending. Too much dialogue, and not enough action.

I know what it's like to be left feeling unsatisfied after devoting weeks to reading a series: the hollow, sinking realization that This is it? So I do everything I can to make each of my series go out with a bang. And from what I can tell, my readers appreciate it.

The Interdimensionals is a sci-fi/horror story, so of course it's not going to end as tidily as I like. Every good creepy tale leaves you with a clawing fear that the nightmare isn't really over. But at the same time, having action occur "on camera" is way better than having characters talk about it in retrospect. So that's what I'll be revising.

Got my notes ready to go, and I know which scenes I want to replace. It'll make for one doozy of a finale, and whether or not it's a crowd-pleaser, I'll know I've done my best. After spending the past six months on edits instead of writing anything new, it's time to shift gears and get creative again.

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