Novel #16

Finished writing my sixteenth novel this week, and it's my shortest yet: only 53K. The first draft was 30K, so I put some extra meat on its bones this time around—mostly situational comedy and quirky characters doing their thing. The more absurd, the better. I realize not all funny bones are created equal, so some folks will love it and others will hate it. That's okay. I enjoyed writing this thing and sharing each chapter with my first and favorite reader. A fun summer write/read.

All 26 episodes are now available via Kindle Vella, and I plan to keep them there for at least a few months or so. When I eventually pull Uncommoner from Vella and release it wide in eBook, paperback, and audio, I'll be using the cover art I've included with this post. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Check out the first three episodes for free right here.

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