Noveling Update: Uncommoner

New month, new project. After finishing up the third book in my latest trilogy and sending it off to my publisher, I figured I could use a little break. So, just for fun, I'm diving into a novel that I haven't really known what to do with—until now.

I've decided to rewrite it as a follow-up to Return of the Knave (free everywhere eBooks are sold). Some time has passed, Gertrude & Alfred are now married with a baby, and the plot is convoluted with lots of new characters, but the Princess Bride-ish elements remain.

Uncommoner is the polar opposite of the grimdark genre, and you're welcome to follow along here where I'm posting a chapter at a time.

WARNING: This is not your fairy godmother's adventure story. It is a tale of uncommon heroes and horrid villains, of virtues and vices, of courage against powerful evil schemes. Gird up your funny bone, dear reader, for giggles, groans, and gasps in equal measure await!
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