Amateur Sleuth

It's no secret that I like poking fun at various tropes, and I've written parodies in more than a few genres. But I've never tackled the "amateur sleuth" mystery before, and I've never written two novels at the same time—until now. While I'm still posting episodes of AGROTHARN regularly, I'm also writing my first Inspector Broekstein Mystery, Murders at the Manor, and posting one chapter at a time on Kindle Vella. Here's the blurb for this spoof-of-sorts:

"What would you say if I were to tell you I believed ... that in the heart of every man and woman alive, there lies the potential for ultimate evil?"  So begins a mystery of murder, jealousy, and revenge, as old friendships are tested and new alliances form. When a wealthy heir invites half a dozen people to his newly inherited estate, all hell breaks loose, and it will be up to the quirky, lovelorn Inspector Willem Broekstein to find out whodunnit.

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