Novel #17

I wrapped up my seventeenth novel this week, and it's another shorty at only 53K. The original novella I drafted thirty years ago was 20K, so I fleshed it out a bit, adding more action, intrigue, humor, and dialogue for a much better story all around. And I enjoyed the main character so much that I'm already five chapters into the sequel, Lives on the Line. More on that next month.

For now, all 42 episodes of Murders at the Manor are available exclusively via Kindle Vella, but I'll be releasing this amateur sleuth spoof in eBook, paperback, and audio next year. So stay tuned.

Kind of funny: my original title was Murder at the Manor (I know, major difference), but when I searched for it online, there were over a dozen books by the same name. So I added the s, which works for the story, considering the high body count. And, so far, it's one of a kind—just like quirky, lovelorn Inspector Broekstein himself.

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