February Goals

This month, I'm planning to finish the first draft of my second Inspector Broekstein mystery, Lives on the Line. Murders at the Manor ended up being 53K, and the sequel should be about the same length. Right now, I'm at 45K, and things are ramping up toward a wild and crazy finale.

Then I'll have to decide whether to draft the third Inspector Broekstein book while his eccentricities are fresh in my mind or to continue Dome City Investigations with Insurgents & Infidels, the sequel to Dust Freaks & Demigods (in the same world as Spirits of the Earth).

I'm also posting an episode of Monsieur Moule's Subterranean Casino every day this month, and that should continue through March, maybe even into April. At which point I'll start posting the trilogy finale, Peter Gideon's Aeroship Extraordinaire.

On the paperback front, I'm planning to revamp Westward, Tally Ho! I updated the eBook cover a while back and will be doing the same with the print version, as well as resizing it to 5.25" X 8" and reformatting the interior. Eventually, all of my backlist titles will look as good as Uncommoner.
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