Feels Like Summer

We've had four days in a row of 90-degree warmth here in West Michigan, and while it may not officially be summer until the 21st, our current weather begs to differ. 

Ever since I started teaching, way back at the turn of the century, summers have meant a change of pace. I ran an eight-week day camp for a few summers, then switched gears to teach guitar lessons, and then I made a habit of writing full-time from June through August. 

But now that we own a house, certain projects are vying for my attention. So I'll need to carve out writing time in between all the painting and yard work and whatever else rears its head. Good thing subbing for the past three years has trained me to be flexible and write on command. I've learned to write whenever I have the opportunity, not just when inspiration strikes.

This month I'm reading through the first AGROTHARN novel, making final edits as I go along, and getting reacquainted with the style and pace. I'm planning to start the sequel by mid-June and hopefully have it drafted by the end of the summer. That seems doable for an 80K manuscript.

In other news, I've joined Bookfunnel to participate in some multi-author promotions, and I'm hoping they'll help spread the word about my new mystery series. We'll see how it goes. I've also decided to pull half of my wide-selling books and distribute them through KDP Select, giving Kindle Unlimited another shot. And, last but not least, I'll be revamping the paperback version of BackTracker.

June goals recorded? Check. Now to make them happen—without getting too distracted by that zero-gravity lounge chair on the back deck calling my name...

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