June Update

So far so good this month. Final edits are done on the first AGROTHARN book, and the new, improved paperback version of BackTracker turned out well. Now all I've got on my writing plate is the AGROTHARN sequel. Three chapters in, and things have been...interesting.

I started out with a pretty good idea how the story would open, picking up right after the end of Book 1 with all of our characters reunited, but once I sat down to do the actual writing, I found that I needed to make some major changes. I'd already planned to bring in a bigger bad guy, and I was going to start with that, but the story needed even more conflict. 

I had to break up the band. But without them knowing why they were broken up. And without a clue as to how they've ended up where they are, lost and alone. Evil sorcery is at work, of course, courtesy of the aforementioned big baddie, but nobody knows that yet. (Just me. Mwahaha...)

So now the goal is for the characters to find each other, identify the evil sorcerer who so cruelly divided them and cursed them with memory lapses, then unite against this horrible villain and bring his demise. All in a day's work for AGROTHARN the Interstellar Semi-Barbarian & Company. But what if the villain turns out to be a long-lost relative with justifiable reasons for his actions? Hmmm...

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