Box Sets

I've got a couple of new collections available this week. Some might call them box sets or boxed sets, but since there aren't any real boxes involved, maybe they're bundles? No idea. But I had fun assembling the 3D covers, which didn't turn out half bad:

First up were The Inspector Broekstein Mysteries, which include all three of the novels I released earlier this summer. Starting with a free template I found online, I used GIMP to layer the background art from the first book onto the front cover and the spines from the three paperbacks onto the side. It's not fancy, but neither is it an eyesore, so that's a win.

Then I moved on to Charlie Madison, P.I. - The Complete Case Files. This one was a little more work, since I had to start by creating the first book, The Unusual Clients, which collects three prequel novellas. I put together the paperback version, and I updated The Suprahuman Secret and The Gifted Ones so I could use their spines as well. And, like the Broekstein set, I used art from the first book for the front cover.

650 pages of humorous whodunnits, and 900 pages of future-noir detective stories. Perfect for binge-reading on a lazy summer afternoon, don't you think?
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