August/September Update

How'd it get to be September already? August was a bit of a blur, but I managed to finish edits on the second AGROTHARN novel, and both books are ready for pre-order. I also started drafting Book 3, but now that the school year's in full swing, it could be a little while before I complete it. Tentative goal: December 1. Even more tentative goal: have it ready for pre-order by Christmas.

I'm writing a chapter a day, which is doable since the chapters are only about 800 words. As with the first two books, I'll be aiming for 100 chapters in total, ~80,000 words. What's it about? So glad you asked. I'm planning to have that figured out by December 1.

Of course I have a general idea of the major plot points, but finding my way from one to the next is where the real fun happens. I get to surprise myself and eventually (hopefully) the reader as well. I want to enjoy each step of this process, and so far, that's what I'm doing.

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