A Quarter of the Way

September came and went, and I managed to draft the first 20K of the final Chronicle of AGROTHARN. So far, it's part post-apocalyptic western and part intergalactic space adventure, so you could say I'm having a blast with it. Brought in a wily character from the third Captain Quasar novel, further cementing the fact that this series exists in a universe parallel to that one. I don't plan on Quasar himself making an appearance, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Unless my current pace changes, I don't think I'll have Book 3 ready by Christmas. So I'll probably give myself until mid-January to finish drafting and editing, and then release it in eBook and paperback. With Book 2 out next month, that'll give readers a two-month gap in between each installment. A semi-quick release for our semi-barbarian.

In other news, I decided to revamp the covers for this series, and they turned out pretty well. Kind of an '80s throwback look now, which is just right. All they're missing are the dinosaurs and aliens.

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