Halfway There

Made it to the 40K mark today in the AGROTHARN threequel, and things are moving along nicely. Plenty of conflict, humor, and action, with lots of fun surprises along the way. I've kept two characters apart who've been inseparable throughout Books 1 & 2, so I'm looking forward to bringing them back together soon. Should make for a thrilling second half.

If I keep up my current pace, I'll have the first draft done by mid-December. Twice as long as it took to draft Book 2, but that was during the summer when I wasn't in a classroom every day. Managing to write seven chapters a week—two on good days, maybe a paragraph on the not-so-good ones—has been doable. Keeping the momentum going and making progress, that's what counts.

And enjoying the process. I'm my own first audience, after all, and so far, I'm still hooked.

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