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"Good can conquer evil!"

Centuries from now, long after the days of recorded history, during the broken-down age of the Post-Apocalypse on a much older Earth, AGROTHARN roams the desert Wastes in search of…something? For some strange reason, he can't remember. And he's not the only one whose memories have become muddled by dark magic.

Could it have something to do with the arrival of Khrug, Warlock of the Wastes, and his thousand-strong army of desert warriors? Or the cancellation of the most spectacular stunt show the Post-Apocalypse has ever seen? Or too many enthralling side quests to count? AGROTHARN will have to keep his head on straight as he grapples with shocking truths about himself, his mighty broadsword, and his worst frenemy, culminating in an epic showdown between the most powerful forces of good and evil on the planet!

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