Another One Bites the Dust

Edits are DONE on Book 3 in the Chronicles of AGROTHARN! Next I'll take a day to format the eBook, another day to format the paperback, and then one more day to assemble the paperback cover. Probably won't tackle much of that until after Christmas, but I have plenty of time to get it uploaded prior to the January 9 release date. And having next week off work should be helpful.

So, what's next? Glad you asked. The plan is to format Dust Freaks & Demigods (Dome City Investigations, Book 1) for an eBook and paperback release in early February, then work on the Chronicles of AGROTHARN boxed set. At the same time, I'll start drafting Book 2 of Dome City Investigations with a summer release in mind. Working title: Infidels & Insurgents. Really looking forward to diving back into that world.

Speaking of worlds, since the Chronicles of AGROTHARN take place in a reality adjacent to the Captain Quasar books, I'm hoping readers will be interested in checking out Quasar after they've had a full helping of AGROTHARN. And since the Dome City Investigations take place in the same world as my Spirits of the Earth trilogy, I'm hoping readers will check out those books, too. I'll be sure to write a note at the end nudging them in the right direction.
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