Novel #22

Book 3 is done: 81K of humorous blades & blasters action and adventure spanning fifteen parsecs of interstellar space! And with that, The Chronicles of AGROTHARN are now complete.

After spending three hundred chapters with these characters over the course of the trilogy, it's a bittersweet moment to finally say goodbye to them. On the one hand, I'm relieved that everything turned out as well as it did; on the other, I wish I had ideas for Book 4. Maybe someday. I did my best to write a satisfying conclusion to this series, which I always strive for, and I hope readers get a big kick out of it.

The cover is ready, but I'll need a few weeks to give the manuscript a final round of edits. Then I'll take a few days to format the eBook and paperback. They should be good to go by the January 9 release date, and you can be first in line to get your Kindle copy by pre-ordering it today.

I had more fun writing these books than anything else I've ever worked on, and I will always remember them fondly. Who knows? I might even read them again if I'm ever in dire need of a laugh. And I never read my own stuff once it's published, so that's saying something.
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